Storage tanks

Santeks Baltic offers a full range of design, manufacturing and installation of glass coated (enameled) tanks.

The recent examples of our  production glass coated (enameled) and stainless steel tanks installation:

Hot water storage tank (2 pcs), volume is 345 m3. Diameter 7.5m, height  7.2m.                                     Water temperature – 90C. Heating system – steam coil (made of galvanized steel). Tank include insulation layer 120 mm of mineral water at the walls and roof, aslo vertical ladder and in/out piping (made of galvanized steel).

Potable water storage tank, volume  is 500m3. Located in Egypt, Cairo.  Official dealer and construction company in Egypt is  ElSafa establishment for general contracting and supplies company 


Liquid manure complex of 3 reservoirs, volume of each reservoir is 5000m3

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– Liquid manure complex of 2 reservoirs, volume of each reservoir is 4500m3

Fire tanks, with inner insulation layer and inner membrane
Volume 1400m3
Diameter 12m, Height 9m

Special waste treatment. Reservoir is made of stainless steel, roof and column also stainless steel

-Stainless steel potable water tank with roof
-volume 1400m3
-height 7m, diameter 16m

– Industrial fluids


Wastewater treatment systems

Renovation  of water treatment plants
Volume 900m3
Dimensions 6m x 20m

Storage of liquid manure
Volume 93000 m3
Diameter 46m, height 6m
Roof height 18m, material –membrane, Based on supporting strops

Rain water storage tank
Volume 5000 m3
Diameter 22m, Height 13m
Full insulation (shell and roof), roof consist of galvanized steel beams and sandwich panels

– Fish farming

-Bio gas PROJECT