Tanks production stages

Tank installation steps


The enamel powder is applied onto the steel sheets by electrostatic charging. The charging of the enamel powder is done by ion atmospheric components which are formed by a corona discharge at the tip of a spray pistol.

The enamel parts move preferably along the electric field lines to the panel.

After that, the panel with the applied powder comes into the enameling oven.

The enamel powder melts with the steel at about 840°C to a strong and permanent fusion.

We have the possibility to round the edges before enameling to prevent damage from improper installation. This ensures also that the edges are better surrounded by the enamel

All edges  covered with special coating (similar to rubber) in order to exclude damage during transportation and assembly also to provide additional rust protection






We use technology of hot deep zinc galvanized steel. Its main advantage -is fully coated surface, because zinc galvanization applied after machining of holes and edges of the panel. Other suppliers use a pre-galvanized steel sheets, and after machining you will receive an open uncoated steel. It will cause a faster corrosion.