Tank installation steps

Glass lined steel panels panel Thickness: 4/5/6/7/8/10/12 mm
Steel type: special enamel able, Steel 65G
Method: hot rolled

Panel bolts: Hot-dip galvanized with plastic head
Dimension: M 12
Strength category: 8.8
Nut, washer: Hot-dip galvanized
Nut cap: optional (in plastic)

Panels assembling  technology

1. Preparation of the concrete base of the tank.

2.Positioning of the tank and installation base corner of the first tier1

3. The assembly of the first tier and formation of reinforced concrete belt

2 3

4. Assembling the next levels (two optional methods)

a.     b.

5. Installation of ladders and additional equipment


6. Finishing of reinforced concrete belt