Mobile waste containers

Mobile waste containers BS EN 840

Production: Containers are produced according to the Standard – „BS EN 840-2013 Mobile waste containers”.

Producer: Our plant “SANTEX” (Republic of Belarus).

Materials used: Hot zinc coated steel.

Volume: 1100 liters.

Weight: 100 kg.

Nominal weight – 450 kg.

Standard equipment parts:

– Lid;

– Lifting tip (grab holder);

– Handles;

– Wheels with lock (brakes) – 2 units;

– Drain screw (hole) – 1 pc.

Additional options:

– Preferred color;

– Company’s logo imprint

– Lid locks;

– Sorting gaps.

Possible options:

Available any changes of configuration on clients demand. 


– In the EU for a container – 2 year warranty.

– For zinc coating – 3 years warranty.

-Terms can be changed on demand.


  • EU Declaration of Conformity (EN 840-2 Standard).

Main advantages:

– Stamped rigidity elements are 16 mm. depth and are arranged throughout the whole container;

– The layout of rigidity elements is complex in shape, which allows to increase the stability and durability of the container;

– The area covered by rigidity elements exceeds some competitors 2 times, and is in line with the best European analogues; this therefore significantly increases stability and durability of the container under the shock load;

– The steel is not sensitive to cracks and breaks when in contact with sharp objects;

– Container lift tip (grab holder) is made by stamping method, and has increased stiffness;

– The lid handle is made using a stamping method, with built-in rigidity elements, which increases resistance to bends, damage and vandalism.

– The container is hermetic, stops water penetration into the structure and prevents corrosion;

– Competitive price.

Approximate quantity of the containers in the truck:

– In the assembled, ready to use condition – about 30 units.

– In disassembled condition (lid and wheels – separated) – about 120 units.

Payment conditions

– Prepayment 100% is preferred

– Other terms can be discussed

Delivery conditions:

– EXW factory Gomel, Belarus

– DAP warehouse of the buyer.